3D Mammography

Chest X-Ray

A mammogram is an X-ray picture of the breast used to detect early signs of breast cancer. Regular mammograms can find breast cancer up to three years before it can be felt.

If symptoms are present in the breast, such as a lump, pain, nipple discharge, or skin changes, additional images may be taken which target a specific area of concern.

Clipboard with checklist and pen

Know what to expect from your mammogram visit

Before your exam

  • Avoid using any powders, deodorant or perfume under your arms or on your breasts or chest.
  • Bring any prior imaging studies with you if these were performed at another facility.

During your exam

  • The breast will be compressed to show detail of each breast. Two compressions are made of each breast.
  • The compression lasts only a few seconds, but may be uncomfortable for some.
  • 3D Mammography exams typically take about 10-15 minutes, provided no additional imaging is necessary.
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ACR Accredited in Mammography

Our facilities have been accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for accuracy, safety and best practice standards in Mammography.